Tabanda Diago Chair

Within a few years of its premiere, DIAGO chair has become Tabanda’s trademark product. With its origami-inspired form, DIAGO is both intriguing and memorable. At first, it appears raw, nearly industrial, yet it comes out as comfortable and weightless once one gives it a try. Its endurance and ergonomy are impressive. It constantly reinvents itself, always coming up with new colors and finishings and still, its potential feels unlimited.
The classic DIAGO is a must-have for all the minimalists. It uses the lack of additional finishing, perfectly emphasizing its dynamic shape and intense color.


For all those who get cold easily, we recommend the FELT DIAGO. It is softer – physically and visually – but also eager to wrap you up in its cozy woolen sweater and keep you safe from all the freezing chills out there.
Dressed in a tight, black eco-leather costume, the LEATHER DIAGO is elegant and seductive. As classy as rebellious, it lures the individualists – the members of exclusive clubs as well as the motorcycle vigilantes.
During Łódź Design Festival 2013, DIAGO had got everyone so charmed that he won the Must Have a prize for a well-designed object on the Polish market.