Prostoria furniture

Aqina offers products of an appreciated, Croatian manufacturer Prostoria. We have in our assortment their sofas, exceptional armchairs in an original design and quality, unique for this brand. Prostoria is a considered furniture manufacturer with a characteristic, bold line.

Prostoria represents comfort and style that confronts traditional, boring schemes and furniture lacking expression, that office spaces are often filled with. Prostoria furniture allows one to stand out, be remembered, and simultaneously provide comfortable environment to its users.

Sofas for offices

In Prostoria’s wide assortment of furniture especially worthy of recommendation are sofas, whose design and modern look allows creating a very effective space in the highest standard. It is important as a way of emphasizing the status of the company and its employees.

Not only sofas, but also breathtaking armchairs – all this you will find in Prostoria’s wide assortment and in our showroom’s offer in Warsaw. We know, how very important quality is, which is why we have focused on office furniture by appreciated and simply best manufacturers only, which guarantees the highest standard.

A sofa is an essential element of a modern office. Unofficial conversations between employees, business meetings or simply an ornament of the office – a sofa is a far better choice than vey formal and respectable armchairs. A sofa should feature similar qualities as home furniture, that is comfort and style.

Prostoria sofas, which you will find in our offer, stand for modernity, exquisite quality and comfort, which lets us forget about the whole office around. A variety of colours, sizes and the possibility of creating individual compositions distinguish these pieces in the office furniture field.

Original design

Office furniture does not have to bore us. Regardless of the company’s trade field, modern and stylish design has a huge impact on the employees efficiency and the impression that visitors and clients get. It is especcialy important in case of spaces that are frequently visited by clients or contractors.

Prostoria has focused on uniqueness. It is impossible to find in their assortment boring or trite designs. Here we focus on simplicity and uniqueness in shape, on quality and colour, and every single piece of office furniture becomes a trademark of the company.

A wide range of office furniture

We encourage you to get acquainted with the wide assortment of office furniture at our showroom in Warsaw. We have bet on modernity, quality and perfect design, so that we know, the you will get only the very best furniture, quality-wise, that will remain in perfect shape for long years.