Narbutas furniture

Narbutas furniture is a modern offer, with a very clear and simple line, interesting space arrangements. In view of their ergonomics and well-thought design, this furniture fits perfectly into a modern office space, making use of every bit of its free, arrangeable space.

In Narbutas’s portfolio, we will find a wide range of propositions, among them desks, chairs, office tables, but also spacious cabinets for document storage. A complex offer allows a complete interior arrangement.

Office furniture

Office furniture must meet slightly different requirements than furniture purchased for private use. Most importantly, they have to be able to use the space well, give plenty of space for changes in the arrangement, storing documents, etc. They also have to be exceedingly comfortable, because it is on them that we spend most of the day.

Original design

At Aqina you will find a wide range of original office furniture, interestingly designed. Narbutas is but one of our proposals for arranging office space, which will greatly influence the appeal of a new office or its refined arrangement.

Narbutas has bet on modernity and quality. The furniture is very solid, durable and damage-resistant, and thanks to that, purchasing it is a perfect investment for long years. During everyday use the furniture is comfortable, does not take damage nor deform, keeping their primary appeal.

Furniture for your office

A desk is a very basic product, purchased as a start to equipping an office. Usually, more than one is needed, so that all employees may work. A modern desk does not only provide comfort of work but is also stylish, with a beautiful line, which creates a coherent whole with other pieces of office equipment.

Narbutas’s design is a modern proposal, in a wide range of lines and colours. For that reason, the company’s desks look perfect individually, as well as a combination of different products. It allows creating a coherent, complete interior arrangement, adequate to work and relax.

Modern furniture

Our offer is a perfect proposal for those, who may wish to equip their office in a modern and stylish manner. Narbutas’s furniture is a complete choice of desks, office cabinets and tables, and for that reason, it is easy to compose a complex set of equipment for modern office in a chosen colour range and position.