Fritz Hansen furniture

Perfection – this is the word to describe Fritz Hansen. Modernity combined with the spirit of Scandinavian design has accompanied the designers for many years, and has allowed them to acquire such an amazing effect. Nowadays, you will find the furniture of this well-considered brand in our showroom.

A classic Series 7™ chair by Arne Jacobsen or the unbelievably comfortable Ro™ armchair created by Jaime Hayone have fit perfectly into our space, please, feel free to visit and see for yourself.

Original design

As we have already said before, the Fritz Hansen furniture owes its design to the long, continuous search for the perfect form by the brand’s designers. Their aim was to create a comfortable piece, as are those destined for private use, but also practical, which is a desired feature in office furniture pieces.

Fritz Hansen armchairs were created with use of the best available materials. The armchairs, depending on the chosen finish, will fit perfectly with a classic office space or its modernized version. In our showroom, you will surely find an adequate option.

Furniture for your office, too

Fritz Hansen furniture, just as all other brands collected in Aqina's showroom in Warsaw, is a result of long years of searching for the best manufacturers and their leading pieces. We know, that the quality of offered products is of great importance, which is why we have focused only on the very best and world-wide appreciated brands.

Thanks to that, we know, that our clients will not only be satisfied with beautiful arrangements created with the use of our products but most importantly with the pieces’ quality, which will guarantee them long-lasting savings.

A wide range of office furniture

We encourage you to visit Aqina's showroom in Warsaw, where you may not only use the wide assortment of office furniture, but also seek advice of our experts, who will eagerly help you choose the very best pieces, fitting your expectations. With that, the choice of brand, colours, and form will be far easier.