Akaba Furniture

Our office furniture showroom in Warsaw offers a range of Akaba’s high quality office furniture, that when added to your company’s office equipment will provide pieces of exquisite quality and strong durability for everyday use. Not only does the furniture equip the space, but also decorates it.

In Akaba’s offer, you will find interesting proposals of conference chairs, task chairs and other products of an interesting, modern line of furniture. It is a well-considered brand, and thanks to intense work on the designing stage it guarantees to meet the highest quality standards.

Chairs and tables for your office

Akaba is a brand focused on quality. Choosing their products is a good investment in the company’s appeal. High quality of materials, durable structure and bold solutions guarantee the furniture’s quality and durability. We realize how extremely important it is, in every office space, that its equipment always looks perfect.

Akaba’s furniture has been designed for that precise aim. For that reason, their appeal is not influenced by regular, everyday usage and they are not damaged by it. It is an extremely important feature because their purchase will be a perfect investment for long years’ time, without the need for replacing them, which will considerably decrease the maintenance costs.

Modern furniture

At Aqina we struggle to meet the needs of clients that seek truly interesting solutions for their offices. Our experts will eagerly help in choosing the best, modern solutions, perfect for your office. Competitive prices and big assortment will allow choosing products of the best possible quality.